Duty Stamp

The citizens of the Republic of Turkey are obliged to pay a departure fee in exchange for a transaction stamp while leaving the country.

There is no need to get a departure fee stamp for the following people:

  • People having a residence permit abroad as of the date of exit,
  • People departing with an identification document issued by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,
  • Children aged below 7,
  • People departing with safe-conduct pass (Pasavan) and similar documents,
  • Staff of road, air, sea and rail mass transport and cargo vehicles travelling for commercial purposes.

Our passengers are required to pass through customs after going through passport check and receiving their baggage.  If you do not have any belongings subject to special declaration, you can pass through the customs without being subjected to examination.

The passengers, who have to declare dutiable goods, should pass through the red customs point.  

Each country has special regulations regarding the assets, belongings, consumer goods and money entering through its borders even during transit passes. 

You can get detailed information and support from the Ministry of Commerce regarding customs procedures.

Telephone: 0 312 444 8 482